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Innovative Services


We have taken Condition Assessment reporting to a level that no one has been able to match. Pro-Spec developed the RAMM inspection program that doesn’t need to be completed every year, saving you time and money.

Roof CheckUp™ is a service that reduces the frequency of leak calls.

Project Management

Eventually every waterproofing system will need replacement or retrofitting. With our owner-oriented approach, we see things your way when it comes to project management. This means hands-on and practical design, custom written specifications, critical path methodology and real time communication throughout the project resulting in lower roofing costs and a virtual elimination of extras.

Maintenance Repair Projects

It makes common sense that maintenance repairs will extend the serviceable life of waterproofing systems. In order to assist Owners in obtaining the best costing for maintenance repairs, ProSpec writes detailed scopes of work and tenders maintenance repairs to roofing contractors. Talk to us about our approach to economies of scale.

We also create tailored solutions based on the Owner’s objectives for a portfolio. We’ve been doing this for leaders in Canadian real estate for over 25 years. We can do it for you too.