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Our Approach

  • Is your team spending too much time on “managing” roofing problems?
  • Are leak repair costs for emergencies and permanent repairs becoming exorbitant without rhyme or reason?
  • Is there a way to get better service and response from your existing roofing contractors?
  • Do your projects come in over budget and do you see too many extras on projects?
  • Can a roof replacement be postponed through some creative solutions?
  • Are you only being provided with capital projections based on life cycle costing instead of actual conditions?
  • Are you looking at roof condition reports that do not answer your questions and read like boiler plate?
  • Why is someone telling you to complete roof inspections every year?
  • Do the same handful of contractors bid on all of your projects?
  • Does a roofing expert scrutinize contractor costs for all services?

ProSpec provides solutions that work, to these questions and many more!

Are you ready to see THE roof asset management system that everyone is trying to imitate?

Call us at 416-236-2600 to schedule a demonstration.